After coming out with my story thanks to the publishing of my book, I decided that there are more ways for me to give back, and thanks to which I can express myself while helping others.


Besides writing, photography is the other great passion of mine. So I decided to offer it as a service for those that want their event photographed with a different perspective. My style is quite raw, and natural, heightening the intimate movement of what catches my eye.

Another service I offer is that of workshop facilitator and life coach. Thanks to years of cultivating self-discovery, I came in touch with the various aspects of our humanity, which engulfs both the spiritual and physical. This service is oriented towards those people that are keen to know themselves on a deeper and compassionate level. Schools and companies are welcome to use this service, for inspiring and empowering their students or employees. I share my story, and the tools that helped to create a new life for my self, gladly.

If you feel that you need more clarification about the above, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

Thank you! and I trust that our paths may cross :)


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