The knowing of how I can express myself more fully, has shown itself through writing, which is very visual and raw in nature. When I discovered the potency of photography, and the ease with which I settled myself in it, encouraged me to invest more in such medium of expression. I had no schooling in photography, hence why I don't abide to any of the usual technicalities. For me it's all about experimenting, and going with the inspiration that my surroundings transpire. An eye to detail, ruggedness,  symmetry or not, natural in abstract & vice versa, the little things, emotions, contrast, are what can mostly describe my style of photography.  

For me, it's something very intimate, which has managed to develop on its own, and me alongside it. If you're interested in having your event captured in a distinctive way, please get in touch.

Thank you! :)

The below are albums dedicated to events I photographed, and as well ones that I did on my travelling.