• Matthew Brincat

Be Bold. Enter.

Nothing has dawned on me so ferociously, as knowing that I am traveling through the nothingness of space, around the Sun and among Stars, in the constant dance of Change.

Many people have been before me, and countless have written about it. Yet I am one of those that has decided not to linger any more at its door, for my own words have only anchored me down in their need of description, and recollection of memories. These words have helped me overcome the overwhelming-ness of emotions, which in turn helped me to open up.

But in their expression they slowly created a need to recall to others all my intimate, and life experiences, in order to find acknowledgment, purpose, and fulfill an egoic satisfaction. All this, made me identify with my words, and the illusion.

No thing can describe Silence, and its intimacy...upon which every word, sound, and vision is carried. Like the surface of the sea that carries a message in a bottle. Everyone told stories of the message and its journey, yet very few recited prose about the infinite, and eternal surface, upon which it was carried and brought its Life to others.

See me without words, and any beholding ideology.

Let them loose all meaning.

Meet me naked, as the first time our skin kissed the air.

Let fear and its resistance fade...give it to the garden - the one who truly knows what to do.

Let us look into each others eyes, where the Sun has made home, so that in tears of Silence and Love, we join.

Be bold. Enter.

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