• Matthew Brincat

There is no enlightenment. There is LIFE

Situations rise, and die. Feelings go, from where they came.

I see myself waiting for it to bloom, and unfold. Yet, that movement is "already", as in itself, it will never be ready.

There will be no end, no fulfillment of expectation. There will be no find, to the seeking. No enlightenment, for he who desires it.

The seeker is not in love with the "find", but with his own seeking. As such, he will keep on seeking. Living his own illusion, in the wait for the culmination of experience - never to rest. He doesn't know who he is otherwise. Being far off, from discovering the "truth".

The movement of two bodies in one, is what happens within Life.

"With hair of yellowish fire, eyes made from the colors of the Earth, and skin soft as ashes...hence my birthing place. It dances, and yet it is "still", witnessing its creation that gazes back."

We have searched, and prayed to a god, that is an invention of man. Desiring some state of tranquility, while not ready to drop what is causing havoc. Creating more distance with self arrogance, keeping us in ignorance.

What am I feeling is; that what I wish to happen, is already happening. Yet it cannot be seen with the eyes, for no one has ever seen Life. It can only be witnessed, when surrendered to.

I am in tears, while I search for the letters to put down words. Has this been a gift that I never appreciated? Has this light been always with me, just so that now it can burn brighter?

"Oh Love, you have made me vanish, just that I can be you.

All this time, seeking what I already am."

"Ever falling.

Ever breathing.

Ever blooming.

Never stopping.

Constantly in Love."

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