• Matthew Brincat

Time to be "vulnerable"

"I feel it is time, to admit how vulnerable it gets when I open up. One is the other. Vulnerability, has led me to crack open the shell that has restrained me from fully part-take within Life. Vulnerability, is softness...the melting away of mind concepts. Vulnerability, is the first step through the door of all that is unknown. Vulnerability, is the butterfly in its spinning flight, with wings of hurricane winds. Vulnerability, is seeing myself fall to the grace within Life's unfolding. Vulnerability, is trust."

With that introspection, I am going to open up something with you.

I never had dreams that I can call mine, about what I want to do in Life. I always was passive with the expectations of others upon myself. My journey in the French Alps, last December, has caused a great transformation. I used to believe that, I am good and comfortable in being alone. Until I was faced with the silence that resides in the mountains, and their reflective snow. Up there, even the world I've built for myself, in which I used to find comfort, was crumbling down. Nothing I knew, made sense any more. Everything had lost its meaning. I was facing a fear, that was greater than anything I faced in prison. It is with that realization, that I found the power of courage within me, and started breaking that shell.

After France, I kept digging through that shell which I myself have built, until I came to see the "next version of myself" that was waiting for me. People who knew me two years ago, say that there are surprised with the change in me, because now, I can interact properly with people, on the same level, and not with arrogance. I am open to receive. And it was only after all that, that my book Random could happen. Random, is the reflection of who I was, a stepping stone that opened a land of opportunities. In one month it has nearly sold 200 copies. Something that was beyond any expectation, and partly, I have to thank you that is ready this for the support shown.

Coming back to dreams... I now know what I want to do in Life. I want to be a writer, poet, whom by such tools supports others in exploring and rising up to themselves. Because, it is time to admit to myself...that I am good at it. That admittance, allows receiving. It allows, love for oneself.


Random can easily be purchased on-line from here:

Photo credits: Dunskie Borg

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