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For F*ck's Sake

For whatever reason, which I cherish and am grateful for, few people approached me when they have found resonance in my writings. It can be described as well, as a sense of relief thanks to the realization that, one is not alone in the intensity of his/her emotions, and in the most times surreal view of the world. The ones that most touch my heart, are the "introverts". Such perception (introversion) presents a wider and more intensified experience of the world, life, and all else.

I was like that, but I decided to explore that territory that separated me, from the rest. I opted, to step out of my comfort zone, and into interaction. At times I felt a victim of my own desires, thanks to the conditioned system of right and wrong. It is thanks to that exploration outside of all that was known and familiar, that I discovered more about my abilities, and the beauty of interaction. To see each other eye to eye, from a place of Heart.

Through this path of self discovery I came closer to Love, something which I couldn't see because of the separation introversion brings. A rise to the knowingness of what I am, brought freedom, and a relief from pain. Something so easy, that brings a sense of effortlessness into our lives. This is something that all of us can dive into.

And it is here that I loose patience, something that I can't support others in doing. It is the infatuation humans have with pain. I can't understand, how can humans stay in a self built, self sabotaging, state of suffering. Apparently, us humans are the only species that strive for purpose, for an understanding and meaning for Life. The human creature, believes that it is different, and distinguishes itself from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Such belief of superiority has led me to be arrogant, hence completely dismissing other people with the excuse of "shyness". Another example, is the countless number of times I stayed into a fruitless relationship, believing that I am going to fix the other person.

The other important factor for pain, are emotions. We are born empty of personality, no emotions, just pure self expression. It is the conditioning, coming from family, educational system, religion, and society that are the first to take the opportunity to fill that "emptiness", with knowledge, purpose, and meaning. We take others beliefs and make them ours, and that brings pain and suffering. We come to believe, that we need emotions to be alive, and we cling to them as if our lives depend on it - literally! Yet, that is not the case. We feel in order to be guided. "Feel"-ings; should be taken as sensory assets, there to guide you through, not to be placed as a part of the Heart space...for the Heart knows only Love...and we don't know what that Love is...we can only breathe it in.

Stop your own suffering, because no one is going to come and save you. No one goes rescuing the butterfly to escape its shell. It just blossoms out, from within...ready to take flight towards the unknown.

Let Love not escape you


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