• Matthew Brincat

What the future holds, is now

Who knows what the future holds? It comes in flashes, but does not stay. Sometimes a word. A breath. A pulse. A salty teardrop falls in the eternal vast. Have you ever kissed your skin from the salty sea? With tongue and than lips, drenched in the wetness of a kiss. With eyes closed, I write to the sound of the next note, of Night and Dew, of Dawn and Moon. Can I come close, to touch your ear with my nose, of Breath and it's taking, of Hair and it's falling. Feel your skin as if was a blanket of butterfly wings, for underneath it, is the place in which i seek you and your existence. Your eyes of stormy skies, called upon the dream of mankind. Let your lashes drop, so to hear my voice, and guide you to the edge of this bed, of Roses in sheets. Of Love making upon a naked defeat. I have bargained everything for this journey. All money needed, was borrowed. In the worst case scenario, I was prepared to give my resignation from work. Just because, this is the kind of journey, you do with the intention of leaving yourself behind. To shed the layers, consisting of masks, and conditiioning, whose purpose has expired. To expose yourself from within the shell, that is now cracked open and decaying. The butterfly doesn't carry around the cocoon, nor does the snake its shell. This is the kind of journey, from which you come back dressed only in your own naked skin, of truth and transparency. So I have bargained everything, in order to give my fears to the rushing stream of water, for my heart to fully open, so to rest more within my body, as this eternal soul.

I know that to you it might feel a bit vague, but I don't like putting a destination in my writings, so that it is clearer. I wish to suspend you like the feather within the air, to give you a taste of the depth and vastness within you. Because, for me that's poetry, the unseen connection between all, such as the Breath; infinite, without beginning and end. does not speak...


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