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Extroverts, Introverts, and the Eternal

There are some things one dares not to say. It is to those things that I try to find words, to formulate sentences, that offer a deeper understanding. I search them by looking at the world, so full of exposing apertures, and people locking themselves inside. From the outside to the inside, from both extremes, we can come to look at each other with eyes of compassion. Humility, is what drives the balance for a more conscious life.

Being an extrovert, does not necessarily mean that you're open. In fact I believe that it's the contrary. Extroverts are seen as expressive personalities, yet I believe that they hide behind that same "over" expression. The insecurity felt, and the inability to stay, with the inner world of emotions, feelings, and self perception, pushes them to cover themselves up with various outwardly goings. Their movement in life is often driven by a need to mask what is going inside, mostly coming to adorn themselves with "look at me attitudes"; attempting to make the exterior as alluring as possible, so that one fails to see the inside. Drama is the best dress one can use, to be looked at, yet falsely seen.

Introverts on the other hand, are most times unable to express themselves as they wish. Being a step behind, with a slower movement, they have a wider and deeper view of the world. They prefer not to be seen, liking the shadows in order to be left alone, in their observation of "others".It is true that because of this deeper perception, they is more information coming in, creating an illusionary need that it has to be processed. Which in turn, creates a firm believe that they cannot be understood, mostly because, very few are heard expressing this deep view of the world around us. They get caught up imagining themselves other than they are, wishing to do things they believe are unable to do. This (what you are feeling now), is the space of isolation and separation, that offers the perfect environment in the introverts world, for self-hatred, self-despise, passiveness, that ends to bare the fruit of depression. It is a downward movement, of throwing ones life arrogantly away. In the introverts world, emotions play an important role. Being mostly captured by emotions, they believe that Life is that. They know nothing but, the heaviness of emotions; too much, yet never enough.

These are labels that we give to ourselves, in order to fit into a genre, to feel accepted and part of something. Every label can be removed and hence instantly transcended. They can never define what we truly are. Both are beautiful to see, for they are the unique and endless variety of the same universal expression. Yet, there is a space of "seeing" inside of us, and that eternally exists. It was here before our bodies took form, and it will keep on witnessing itself, even after death. We cannot see the one who is seeing, for it holds no definition, it just is. Not defining anything, is pure freedom.


Note that this is my view of things. Being and ex-introvert, with times having to experience going to extreme, and uncomfortable extrovert-ism, in order to get a crack at the shell, I can now say that I have found a good balance, which is why something drove me to write and publish this article. Trust that it will bring its readers to take a broader, more gentle view, of themselves and others.PLEASE SHARE.

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