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What has become of Love?

The new generation has been increasingly speaking about Love. Sometimes it looks like the 70s movement; the longing for freedom, where caravans are taken out to roam liberally the streets of the world. We are focused on inventing a Life that we don't need a holiday from, where infinite opportunities are presenting themselves for everyone that doesn't want to get involved with the mundane routine of work. We are driving towards a Life that is rebellious against a system of government, laws, and war. All we wish for, is Love, and to be left in peace.

"We have got ourselves the so desired Wanderlust."

All this was fueled by the rise of Spirituality, Shamanism, and the lack of interest in Religion. Religion was forced on us, while all we wanted was the discovery of the child who roams the playground, with that gaze in between awe, and pleasure.

"Spirituality introduced the term "non-attachment", and we turned it into no commitment."

For me, who started fully partaking in Life at the age of 34, every concept of the words Love, and Freedom, are constantly changing; with the new clearing out the old. I explored these "states" at a later stage, for the first kiss at the age of 16, has left me with a broken, and closed heart; made to dictate upon the rest of my relationships. The longing, and the desire for something unseen, made me desperately search through the wrong places. A voice in me, was calling out for Love. Yet each time I get close to someone, the past memories surface again to stray me again further away from the opportunity of loving someone, and the gracefulness of being loved.

"The new found freedom discovered in my 30s, made me be overprotective of my own space, fearing that it will be taken away if I commit myself. And now, I am starting to question that."

I want to taste all the different dishes on the menu, all the colorful sweets in the wrapped boxes, pick the fruits from trees in the orchard. I wish to take photos of places I dream about, see the light of faraway dusks and dawns, hear the voices of people I have only read about. I wish to wonder the Earth, while gazing at the skies, of night and stars.

"To put it plainly, I am afraid to commit to another person, fearing that I will rob myself from the opportunity to do all the things I wish for. To lose that freedom, who took its time in revealing itself."

Could be that, our understanding of "my own space" , and Self-Love, turned into a concept of "self-absorption"? We have become divas thanks to social media, living a life of happy smiles, and tanned bodies on screens. Motivational speeches are coming from the wrong mouths. Youths, think that they are rebelling, when in reality they are conforming to another version of society. Please, go ahead, and do your thing, anyway it's beautiful to see the unique expressions of what is to be. But my suggestion is; not to believe it for a second. I myself, have countlessly been caught up in this seduction, that presents itself with the "need to be seen". Believe me, I am captured by all the beautiful bodies, oils on tattoos, but something in me, is starting to see the sadness carried beneath that mask. The fear of losing our image, puts us further from actually experiencing the truthfulness of Love. I wrote thousands of times about Love, but I don't understand it.

"And I leave myself with that, for the movement of existence cannot be seen. What keeps us breathing, and our hearts beating, is the place we all come from."

To come and truly love ourselves, we have to drop the "ideas" we have of ourselves. That is when we will see, and accept ourselves, honestly and naked, free from all of our doings that are just meant to hide the universe in us.

Photo credits:

Andrew Randon (photographer) / Nicole Ebejer (model)

Note: the "quoted" text is the inner-dialogue that was happening in me. You can say that those words are what created the rest.


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