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The Woman of today, is the Man of tomorrow.

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For centuries, Man has been at the forefront of invention, which was mostly used for war and destruction. If you look at the evolution of art, it has become increasingly lacking from any emotional transference, dwelling more into technical design, rather than creative art. Architects have been adopting a more linear approach to their structures. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. Yet in my opinion, it lacks that flowing "roundness", that transpires from the Feminine shape, which has beheld captive great artistic minds.

Evolution has focused mainly on; invention, rulers, lawmakers, schools, and the bettering of a hierarchical society, where Man has been left alone, governing a system of perpetual destruction. Most inventions were turned into weapons of mass killings, and manipulative tools of suppression. Within this Male-egotistic social ideology, enforced by religious institutions led by men, the Woman has been given a secondary, sometimes tertiary (where the sons came before their mothers), or a non existent place at all.

The greatness of Woman, has been turned into a mere machine of reproduction, for the sake of multiplying the numbers within society; for more soldiers, and more leaders. All this gave way to lust, greed, war, more want, and more need. Men, where put upon thrones, dressed in some form of an alien god. Times where He turned his attention, to the Female "looks", or better put, to his "own idea" of what makes the woman beautiful; hairless legs, picked eyebrows, stuffed bodies, symptoms coming from years of Female castration.

"Believing that there is no place, for it to be inside you, it gets into a hilarious act of trying to be that, which you ignore, and put aside. The inner suppression, becomes the exterior manifestation."

Again, there's nothing wrong with such displays. Yet, there's a deeper cause and effect, which most of society is not seeing. The Male potency has been left to rule unobstructed, while the Female laid passively asleep. Hence why Beauty has lost its meaning, transformed into self-lust and self-absorption.

"Mostly driven from our minds, we have lost our "feeling", that, which in nature makes us creatively human."

The Female is now getting to rule the dreams, the travels, all expressed by the deep longing to return home. Once She was called "witch" and casted away. Now, She is stepping back in to her rightful place within creation. A space of equality, and balance in all the truthfulness of Love. She's not scared of being independent. She is driven towards freedom, transgressive, aware of her own choices, tattooed, focused on her strength, exploratory. She is not laid back. She has woken up to tease the Male's lack of feeling. To drive him insane with insecurity. She is here to create, her own version of what is to be alive.

"Only when the Feminine energy, is in balance with the Masculine, we will know harmony."

To all the women;

don't get captured by the Male potency in you. Your strength is your softness, your gracefulness, your ability to nurture Love. You are the emptiness of the womb, from which GOD's kingdom perpetuates the perfect imperfection of Life. Let your beauty be not simply the strive for appearance, but the reflection of what is inside you; lashes that make the Moon blush, upon eyes that make the Sun rise.

And men;

we have know the suffering of trying to prove ourselves, the pain inflicted on us by a system that wants soldiers who don't feel. We have to stop doing, so to rise to the task, the Universe is asking from us; to nurture the fertile ground of Creation. In us, there's a woman, waiting to awaken.



In using such terminology as; Man, Male / Woman, Female - I am referring to the different energies that all of us are encompassed from. Hence, the darkness and light, which are depicted clearly on the Ying-Yang sign. That Man, or Woman, which we are so desperately in search for, is inside of us. It is when we embrace that, that we come close to see ourselves fully, with less wants and less needs, without that lack that we feel, for than we come to know...

"I am enough, and so are you. There's no desire to change you;

but only to be, with you and Love."

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Note: the "quoted" text is the inner-dialogue that was happening in me. You can say that those words are what created the rest.


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