Random is not your usual poetry book. No matter how you turn it around, and how you pick at pages, you will find something that touches you, for the simple reason that it is very personal, and intimate. It is not only poetry, but contains self-help texts addressing the things that are a cause for pain in each, and every one of us. Also, the journal entries which has been decided to share through the book, speak about what society closes its mouth to. Random #180 "The Black Edition", is darker and deeper. It is humanity transcending itself.


STYLE: The written style of poetry and prose, comes out to be similar to that of Kahlil Gibran, and Albert Camus. There is this psycho-active effect, where what is described through the texts, has a movement and life of its own. The author makes it truly feel, as the "object" is in a conversation, of silence or words, with the reader. Perception is taken to a deeper level of recognition.



Matthew started writing in 2013, while in prison, and than rehab, after struggling with drug addiction for 12 years. This collection of poems starts from there, from the time he was in rehab. Driven by wet dreams at night, and vivid visions in daylight, prose started to be an outlet for emotions, developing on his own a natural and unique style of writing without boundaries. He transfered himself from Malta to live in a more creative environment, on the small island of Gozo. Now a self-published author, and life-coach,  he works to be one day a full-time writer, while supporting others through his own experience.

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