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It all started in 2009 while in a full-blown heroin addiction. The trigger? A Nietzsche pocket book, and a girl.In between injecting myself, pondering about life, and all of a sudden dating this girl…words started coming. The beauty of her skin, the light transmitted by her hair, and the daily ecstatic orgasms, were the lines between which my pen flowed. This is a project which took years of over-thinking, and few months of “making”. In here, you will find my most intimate thoughts, at least the ones that I managed to commit to pen and paper. You will see that there is no technicality in the writing. There is no fixed story, but there is the progression of my perception, which in itself is a transition to “this”.It is “raw”, as it came to be the first time. Because, it was never about words or their meaning. Is it about the flow of sound, and the resonant, vibratory harmonics of the tongue and mouth in marriage. It is about you, discovering a new perspective of Life, and your Self. It is about the transition, towards transformation (the shedding of masks) to what we really are…LOVE!A child. A drug addict. A prisoner. A free man. It is such, that Life has brought me here, to you!

Random ~ "the choices we have forgotten about"

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